DIY Photoshoot

"Maybe just tell people the true story about the pictures?"

That's what my amazing wife told me yesterday when I was trying to come up with a plan for posting these new photos. The truth is, I really like these new pictures, and my initial thought was to try coming up with some quirky or charming or catchy or cool little captions. But at the end of the day, that just isn't me and it's not really what happened with the pictures. I'll explain...

As some of you may know, I will be releasing my first full length album this fall (well initially it was supposed to be this summer, but life happens...). This album contains songs that I have written over the past five years or so, and I feel it's some of my best and most honest material that I've ever worked on. I'll share more about this in the future, but basically this entire project has been done in DIY fashion. Recording at home, mixing it myself, using an automated online mastering service, etc...That wasn't my initial plan, but we had moved to a new city (shout out to Spokane!), so I did not have any local professional relationships formed yet and we had very little means in the way of finances. So the album was self-produced out of necessity. 

The good news? The album turned out better than I would have expected, and I can not wait to share it with you all in October :) 

So about these photos...

I recently cut off my long hair. It was a bit spontaneous, but it just felt like it was time for a change. What I did not consider was that, when you are preparing to release an album, you need things like PICTURES for marketing materials, and ALL of my old photos no longer look like me. That was a dilemma I had not planned on. Again, not knowing any photographers in the vicinity to call upon, I knew this was going to be another DIY situation. So, I cleared out the furniture in our living room and put my Canon Rebel on a little tripod. 

The entire shoot went like this - make sure the chair (I love my new chair btw) is centered in the camera's frame, click the button setting off the 10 second timer, run over to the chair, strike as cool of a pose as I could think of in the remaining 4.3 seconds, get up, check the camera, and repeat...and repeat...and repeat...

That was it! That's the story. Don't get me wrong - I am REALLY happy with how these turned out! But it wasn't a cool photoshoot with an epic photographer. It was a 6'6" man running around his living room, taking pictures of himself. My two cats looked at me like I was a crazy person.

So why share this story? I guess because it's easy to see other musician's photos on instagram, and feel envious of how amazing it looks. It's easy to imagine that they are more successful than you, that their careers are exploding and that everything is just going great for them. But the truth is that they are probably wondering the same thing about the people on their instagram feed. I really do hope that you like the photos from my little photoshoot, but I also hope that maybe this story give you a smile and allows you to take some pressure off of yourself. 

The life of a musician isn't always glamorous, in fact it rarely is so. A lot of the time, it's just you in your apartment working your ass off and being judged by your cats.