Written by chris molitor

The Sea and the open road
The Fire and the wood burning stove
The Autumn raining down before the winter snow
The Oklahoma plains while headed to the coast.

 Starlight and Melodies
Raging winds and gentle breeze
The everlasting green when all else has died
The California dream that came in with the tide

 I’ll meet you there
I’ll meet you anywhere

 The hills cut by river’s bend
The mountains, they call my heart in
The Spring, she lends a hand and guides us from our den
And for three months we live like sunshine is our kin.

 Miles and Miles I’ve wandered
Hoping that I’d find
A place I would discover
A land, a love that’s mine
Through rock and field
By feet and wheel
It’s just a matter of time
A land, a love, a home that’s mine.