Washington Cracker Co. // Spokane, Washington

So grateful for my sister-in-law, Jordan Baker! She is an incredible photographer. Had a great time working with her on this photoshoot. We snuck into this amazing old building in downtown Spokane, WA. Beautiful exposed brick walls, aged hardwood floors, etc...what a beautiful place to shoot some pictures! Thanks, Sis!


Cannon Beach, Oregon

First time visiting the Oregon coast! Wow, what an absolutely incredible and enchanting place. If not for the cold Winter winds blowing in off of the water, we could've stayed on Cannon Beach forever. 


Downtown Spokane, Washington

My wife, Lauren and I are getting settled in to our new home in Spokane, Washington. We aren't quite sure yet what lies ahead for us, but we are trying to make the most of this season and appreciate the moments. Lauren picked up the new iPhone 7+ and decided a little photoshoot was in order. The camera on that phone is incredible!