Chris Molitor | Coming Home - LP

Release Date: October 27, 2017



Born and raised in the American Midwest, on country road near Midland, Michigan, Chris Molitor grew up on 100 acres of woods and trails, surrounded by the sounds and songs of nature. Currently residing in the mountainous Pacific Northwest, he now calls Spokane, Washington home. His journey has been winding, unexpected, and at times weary, but his “powerful, enchanting vocals” (Elmore Magazine) and heartfelt songwriting continues to be honed and matured by life’s triumphs and adversity. Molitor is a storyteller - using melody and rhyme to bring the listener into beautiful moments where hopes and fears collide.

Chris Molitor’s first full length album, Coming Home, was released on October 27th, 2017. The album, produced by the artist himself, was distributed by Burnside Distribution Corporation (Portland, Oregon). In late 2016, Molitor and his wife, Lauren, traded the big city life in Los Angeles for a much more tranquil setting near Newport, Washington. “We left LA very unsure of what would come next,” Molitor stated. “I realized I had this batch of songs written over the last five years that had yet to be released. We didn’t have the money to rent a studio, but we had this beautiful lake house all to ourselves in the dead of winter and a few decent microphones. So the decision was made to try recording my first full length album all on my own.. At times, the process was challenging, but it was worth it in the end.”

Coming Home's twelve tracks are filled with lush full band arrangements and vibrant storytelling that provide a listening experience that even the most seasoned producer would be proud of. This album, staying true to Molitor’s roots, employs an array of folksy instrumentation and foot-stomping, feel-good elements as one can hear in songs such as Across the Room and Carry Me. However, this record also displays moments of unexpected stylistic range in Lost and Walk Away, where electric guitar rhythms and riffs serve as the backbone to the tracks. The vivid lyrical content gives a very authentic look into Molitor’s journey as he holds nothing back. “This is the most personal project I have ever worked on. The songwriting, the production, the mixing...even the album artwork...every element of this record has a piece of my heart attached to it. Recording at the lake house was obviously romantic,” Molitor says with a smile, “but there were occasional moments of panic as well, doubting that I could actually do this on my own. I have never been so excited and so terrified about a project, and that’s what makes me believe the record has the potential to be really special.”

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Artist Information

Genre: Folk, Singer/Songwriter

Location: Spokane, Washington

Sounds Like: The Head and the Heart, Gregory Alan Isakov, The Lumineers, Ryan Adams, Lord Huron


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