Written by chris molitor

A line was drawn there, in the sand. The ocean winds they blew

Our hands took hold as we hummed the sweet refrain we knew.

“A Ship!” she cried with sails belied for in the rocks she lay.

A humble vessel though she was, we made her ours that day.


To blood and bone, we worked our hands. The sun and sweat we knew.

A month had passed, we knew at last the ship and sails were true

“The wind!” she cried, to Port it flies for open seas were there

The time had come to venture on the ocean and the air.


A year gone by, just you and I across the seven seas

Through storm and gale and beaten sails we found how to be free

“The Shore!” she cried had come in sight, the morning fog had cleared

We stepped off board but knew of course a home we’d not find there


She’ll hold, She’ll hold, she’ll hold together