Written by chris molitor

You’re charming and kind

You laugh when you cry

You hate talking politics

You’re late all the time

Curious and strong

Nap all day long

You love when I sing but won’t sing along

You are the one that I love


Delicate and bold

Never come when your told

You love when it rains but hate when it’s cold

You love to take part in sharing our dreams

Your scared of the dark but you’ll go there with me

You are the one that I love


If I had one day left I’d spend it with you

We’d share stories like old friends

Staring at the moon

We’d hold each other in our bed

And listen to our favorite tune


My compass and muse

My cigarettes and booze

The tempo that leads me

My headline in the news

Your wise and immature

My sickness and the cure

The directions I stop for when I feel unsure

You are the one that I love.