Written by chris molitor

Baby, look outside.

The sun just said “Good morning”

Not a gray cloud in the sky.

What a wonderful feeling.


Baby, close you’re eyes.

Hear the songs birds whistling.

Nothing like summer time.

Just gotta tell you what I’m feeling.


You’re the one that makes my knees go weak.

Love’s never felt this way before.

One Look my heart skips a beat.

You got me begging for more.

Tell me it’ll always be this way.

Tell me that you’re here to stay.

Well I have thought about it

And only one name will do for you…

You’re my baby


The stars are shining bright.

Hear the crickets chirping.

Baby hold me tight.

What a wonderful feeling.


I’d give anything for you. My heart is yours and yours alone.

Anything you ask I’ll do. My promises, yeah, they are sure.

Baby please take my hand and don’t..


don’t let it go…

don’t let it go…

don’t let it go…Cause you’re my baby.